Famous Clear Liner
Famous Clear Liner
Famous Clear Liner

Famous Clear Liner

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Our One Of A Kind Clear MAGIC Liner

SAFE for all skin types - Hypoallergenic 

No more itchiness from glue on extensions

No more puffiness from itchy irritation

Let's soothe those lids & help keep that natural look!



Full Size Clear Liner

Soft Felt Tip 

10 Second Quick Dry - MAGIC! 




You may use with our magnetic lashes and then even after the magnets fall off to give you more time with your favorite #EyelashHeaven Lash 


How to apply magic eyeliner?

Apply 1 coat to lash line

Let dry for 10 seconds

Apply Lashes!

It's really that easy!



How do you remove magic eyeliner?

Simple! Take a makeup remover wipe and wipe away!

Famous Clear Liner