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This lash is the Aloha of it’s time! A-4D luxury with Class-A5 magnets to provide that sunrise to another sunrise hold. Completely moldable and breathable for even the most sensitive of skin. All of our lashes are lightweight so even with Aloha’s thick escalating ends you still won’t feel thing except for peace of mind.

Application & Care Instructions Included

Magnetic Liner Not Included


• Natural Style Wispy Accents

• Length 9mm-16mm 

• Fast application 

• Painless & Easy Removal

• Lightweight

• Waterproof 

• Windproof

• Heatproof

• Fits any eye shape 

• Reusable 40+

• 50 Hour Hold Each Wear

• Safe For All Skin Types

• Works with any of our #EyelashHeaven Magnetic Liners or Splash Magic Color Liners - Not Included

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