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This lash is the ultimate Addy-tude! Need a little extra oomph then she’s the one for you. Complete with Class-A5 magnets and a moldable cotton band Addy Lash is sure to bring you the confidence you want and with her A-4D luxury volume eyelids are still feeling light as a feather.

Application & Care Instructions Included

Magnetic Liner Not Included


• Natural Length Volume Wispy Accents

• Length 6mm-15mm 

• Fast application 

• Painless & Easy Removal

• Lightweight

• Waterproof 

• Windproof

• Heatproof

• Fits any eye shape 

• Reusable 40+

• 50 Hour Hold Each Wear

• Safe For All Skin Types

• Works with any of our #EyelashHeaven Magnetic Liners or Splash Magic Color Liners - Not Included

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